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John Dowd wrote a letter to a Cape Cod newspaper to complain about sharks - The Boston Globe

We have seals in the swimming area,” Dowd wrote, referencing the abundance of marine mammals that great whites feast on along the Cape. Forget yesterday’s news. Get what you need today in this early-morning email. Thank you for signing up! Sign up for more newsletters here He said seals should be “regularly harvested to stop the current problem and to end the era of the shark which is scaring visitors.” Dowd said the “glorification of these dangerous predators in Chatham is reckless” and argued that they threaten the way of life in the “beautiful” town. “I recently took a trip to Martha’s Vineyard, Newport, Block Island, and Nantucket,” Dowd said . “They have no seal or shark problem.” The headline above the letter read, “Stop Glorifying Predators.” According to the 2018 Chatham assessor’s database, Dowd and his wife, Carole, are listed as trustees of a $2.2 million property in the seaside town, which is known for attracting not just sharks but the many beachgoers who flock there for the summer. A Virginia address for the owners of the Chatham property is also listed on the town’s assessment website and matches one for Dowd and his wife online. A woman who answered the phone at a number associated with the Virginia address identified herself as Dowd’s wife Monday, and she confirmed that her husband wrote the letter to the editor. Dowd hung up on a reporter when reached by phone Wednesday morning and said he didn’t want to talk about it. Dowd was the president’s lead lawyer in the special counsel’s Russia investigation, but he resigned amid a shake-up of the legal team back in March, according to the Associated Press .

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1 – images that flashed around the world. During the Sept. 20 protests, Spanish police were trapped inside a Barcelona building and their vehicles were destroyed as anger among those favouring independence boiled over. The Spanish police were trying to halt the referendum. The rally was attended by current regional leader, Quim Torra, and Catalan parliament speaker, Roger Torrent. Both demanded the release of some jailed Catalan leaders and to push ahead with the independence drive. People chanted pro-independence slogans in Catalan, shouting: “Llibertat presos politics” (“freedom for political prisoners”). After the vote on Oct. 1, Catalonia made a declaration of independence that led to Madrid taking over the regional administration. Since then, pro-independence forces have returned to power in the regional parliament.


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